About the Innkeepers

Tamara Hassel and Esther Zaccone are the innkeepers at “Tuscany Inn Tennessee”. They are 2 retired elementary physical and music education teachers from Tampa, FL. Over 20 years ago, they both shared a dream to find land in Tennessee that looked like Tuscany, Italy, one of their favorite locales. In summer of 2008, they journeyed to Tuscany, Italy, specifically the Chianti area. When they returned, they visited friends in Tennessee and on a whim, found the perfect plot of land to anchor their dream. To their delight, it looked just like Chianti in Tuscany! “Tuscany Inn Tennessee” was born! Their vision is to serve people delicious food and a relaxing atmosphere, providing a place to get away from the stress and hustle & bustle of city and everyday life. With “Tuscany Inn Tennessee”, their vision of a quiet, rustic, elegant place in the country to get away from it all is complete.

We look forward to serving and pampering you! Esther & Tamara

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